Personal injury lawsuit

Personal injury lawsuit – Legal Proceedings and Appeal

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Personal injury lawsuit – Legal Proceedings and Appeal | Miss Laeyers

Personal injury lawsuit

A personal injury case is usually resolved outside the court via an amicable process. Do you disagree with the insurer? Then the case can be submitted to a judge. This legal procedure is mainly in writing, through lawyers. You have to rely on the fact that such a procedure can take years, and that the outcome is uncertain.

If, during the amicable process, it is not possible to reach an agreement with the liable party, it may be decided to submit the personal injury case to a judge for further assessment. Such a legal procedure is a civil procedure. This means that two civil parties submit their discussion to the court with the request to judge it. It therefore has nothing to do with criminal proceedings, in which a judge can impose a sentence.

Legal proceedings often take years

Going through legal proceedings takes a lot of time and money. Certainly when the court finds it necessary to call in experts or hear witnesses. In addition, many courts are lagging behind in processing files. Waiting for the verdict, after all documents have been submitted, sometimes takes longer than litigation itself.

Personal injury lawsuit
Personal injury lawsuit Ilustration

Lawyers and judge

Civil proceedings are mainly conducted in writing through the lawyers of both parties. You only go to court, accompanied by your lawyer, when the judge deems it necessary to speak to the parties personally.


Sometimes the judgment of the judge is unsatisfactory for one party or the other. Both parties then have the option of appealing against that judgment. The entire case is then re-assessed by a ‘higher’ judge, from the court of justice. This procedure also takes a lot of time and is again uncertain as to the final judgment of this judge.

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